Prime Africa Consultants provides professional consulting services to a wide range of clients. We established in 2004 as a specialist provider of resource economic services, and have since then expanded our services to a wider range of specialisation.  These include: economic analyses, strategic and technical planning, environmental compliance and market intelligence.

Economic analyses: We offer skills in resource economics, conventional socio-economic modeling and analysis, financial modeling.

Strategic and technical planning: We offer this service in the fields of natural resource management and infrastructure development to support project and policy planning throughout the project life cycle. This work includes technical analyses, risk assessment, and monitoring and evaluation.

Environmental compliance: This service is all about supporting our clients to mitigate environmental risks. It includes environmental opinions, environmental management strategies and plans, mitigation assessments and monitoring for compliance.

Market intelligence: This service offering grew out of our resource economics expertise, which applies special techniques to estimate economic indicators in data-poor situations. We therefore offer rapid market intelligence to estimate market size, and track customer opinion and trends in African countries.

We operate out of South Africa and our staff consist of economists, scientists and project managers with experience in the research and practical implementation. Our key focus area is Africa, but we also work internationally. We currently employ 16 staff members. We also draw on a number of specialist sub-contractors.

We look forward to engaging with you and to be of assistance.