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Prime Africa® was established in 2004 as a unique and specialist provider of natural resource economic services. Since our establishment we have built a significant customer-base. In working with these customers, we have significantly expanded our service and product offerings.
We currently employ a team of 20 staff and associates. Our principals are highly qualified and experienced people who add tremendous value to our clients’ business.

We have completed more than 250 key projects across Africa, and on other continents. We have provided these clients with proprietary knowledge and insights in developing new business, identifying new markets, with risk management strategies and with leverage insights in developing new industries.

Prime Africa® has a joint venture agreement with USA and Australia based EHS Support. Through this relationship, we can offer our clients a large additional skills base as well as a global operational footprint, and 24 hour attention.

Prime Africa® achieves its successful and consistent business growth through making our clients successful. There are several keys to this:

Unique skills Our people are specialists, are highly qualified and have exceptional and unique analytical skills and experience.
Exceptional data analysis capability We have exceptional data analysis capabilities, through the expertise and experience of our staff, and through proprietary software, modelling techniques and algorithms.
Proprietary data management In the information age, new knowledge is generated through really smart data analysis. We source, manage and analyse data in various ways: proprietary databases, data mined from incidental and secondary sources, primary data collection through smart collection, smart sampling and smartphone Apps. All data products are structured as user-friendly outputs for our clients. Where required, we programme user-interfaces.
Professionalism, Independence We are professionals, bound by the conduct requirements of our professions, who take pride in giving our clients unbiased and independent advisory services.
Business insight and alignment We care about our clients’ businesses. We want to see our clients achieve success. We place a premium on “trying on our clients’ shoes” and thus to align our products and services to our clients’ business needs.
Exceptional service We have implemented within Prime Africa a “gold standard” of service delivery. The gold standard is an internal code of conduct, which is driven by our values, and which endeavours to give you, our client, exceptional service.