What do we offer?

We have six key offerings

Financial And Economic Analyses

What are the likely consequences of our decisions? And how confident are we about the evidence available to back this up? We offer services and products in the scarce fields of resource economics, macro-economic analyses, micro-economic analyses, sector-specific studies and socio-economic analyses. This includes qualitative and quantitative modelling based on best international practices of statistical analyses. We also collate, analyse and add value to macro-economic information. Economic modelling is an evidence-based discipline where we use a variety of statistical and Bayesian techniques. We offer a variety of macro- and micro-economic modelling services and techniques, including:

  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Due diligence studies
  • Economic baseline studies
  • Econometric modelling
  • Input-output modelling and Social Accounting Matrix modelling
  • Socio-economic modelling and analyses
  • Techno-economic modelling
  • Valuation studies
  • Value chain analyses

Specialist Economic Analyses

One of our key strengths lie in our specialist economic analysis services and products, broadly within the field of resource and environmental economics. These services and products seek sustainability and double dividends. In this domain we offer:

  • Resource economics
  • Ecosystem service valuation
  • Environmental Economic Accounting / Natural Resource Accounting
  • Health cost studies
  • Natural asset and ecological infrastructure valuation.

Our services and products include a range of unique actuarial and financial analysis and modelling
skills. This includes:

  • Financial indicator monitoring, analysis and forecasting
  • Trends and risk impact analysis
  • Resource price analysis, forecasting and strategy development
  • Funding and financing assessment and analysis
  • Monetary and fiscal policy advisory services
  • Business case design and analysis at all levels of lifecycle.

Natural Resource Management Services

We offer a range of niche natural resource management services. This includes:

  • Environmental policy development
  • Economic instruments for natural capital management
  • Natural capital conservation and management plans
  • Green economy development plans.

Market Intelligence

Global economic growth is steadily shifting towards frontier markets as organizations and countries search for untapped sources of revenue growth. Prime Africa, with our wealth of experience in emerging economies, specifically Africa, is optimally positioned to provide key insights into these unmapped yet potentially lucrative spaces. We are continuously refining our comprehensive array of innovative research methodologies to remain on the forefront of emerging market insight, with our key objective being to reduce risk for our clients. We offer rapid, primarily quantitative, market intelligence to estimate market size, and track customer opinion and trends. We do this through specialist economic modelling which uses various databases, rapid surveys and algorithms. This includes:

  • Market opportunity studies
  • Best practice studies: aspirations, product trends and marketing strategies
  • Conventional market studies relying on field work and surveys
  • Customer opinion reports
  • Economic opportunity reports tailored to customer needs
  • Internet tracking, market sizing and forecasting by country and product category
  • Special investigations: country- or product- specific studies
  • Tracking and forecasting market indicators of customer interest
  • We have experience in managing qualitative market research in Africa.

Advisory Services

Our analytical work always culminates in strategic and tactical planning. Through these analyses we assist our clients in building business cases, developing policy and strategy, doing business planning, developing pricing strategies, understanding project impacts, and analysing similar economic intelligence needs. We engage with our clients’ key stakeholders where required. Our work are delivered as written reports, presentations, or user-friendly data and data-analysis tools, tailored to client needs. This includes:

  • Business cases
  • Master plans, strategies and implementation roadmaps
  • Monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Risk assessments
  • Management consulting


We develop software-based financial and economic planning tools to facilitate user-friendly and rapid analyses by our clients. We use Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, Java, PHP, HTML and SQL to enable user-friendly analyses of complex financial and economic models.